How to Drink Beer Like a Brewer

We asked local beermakers, what are you drinking?

We asked local beermakers, what are you drinking?

To find the best brews in Vancouver, we went straight to the beermakers and asked them to tell us about their fave bottles. And so on, and so on for a little game of what we like to call beer telephone.

Altbier, Doan’s Craft Brewing Company

“It’s a tricky style to do, but Evan and Mike have been working on the recipe for years—great people, great beer.”—Adam Chatburn, Real Cask

Amarillo Sour, Powell Street Craft Brewery

“Everyone is making sour brews these days, but this one is my favourite: it’s tart but so well balanced, and I love the stone fruit and citrus notes you get from the Amarillo.”—Mike Doan, Doan’s Craft Brewing Company

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Talisman, Strange Fellows Brewing

“A flavourful, hoppy, light and refreshing pale ale. The best part is that it’s low-alcohol, so I can have a few without feeling the effects the next morning.”—David Bowkett, Powell Street Craft Brewery

Happyness, Superflux Beer Company

“Fruity and tropical dry-hopped East Coast IPA with a silky mouth feel.”—Iain Hill, Strange Fellows Brewing

No Brainer, Brassneck Brewery

“We drink a lot of high-octane hoppy beer so a crisp, clean lager with a fair bit less alcohol is always welcome. No Brainer should please both ‘ninja-level’ untapped users and your bro who just wants a ‘normal freakin’ beer.'”—Adam Henderson and Matt Kohlen, Superflux Beer Company

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