Friday Beer Reco: Main Street’s Milkshake Sour Takes the Pain Away

You can't go anywhere, but take your tastebuds on a trip, why don't you?

We can’t legally recommend beer as any type of medication. (To think of it, we can’t legally recommend anything as any type of medication.) But if we were going to play House (Dr., that is), we would eagerly implore anyone feeling the sads to check out Main Street Brewing‘s latest offering.

And we’re sure there’s a few of you out there. After all, there’s no shortage of things to be gloomy about. COVID is still around, and it’s getting worse, both from a numbers and variant perspective. Restaurants and many other small businesses are on the brink of survival. The Canucks are in a state of disarray, both on and off the ice. It even rained today.

All those are very valid reasons to be feeling a bit blue. But before you send a hate letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry or Canucks general manager Jim Benning, take a deep breath and then hold that breath long enough to get to Main Street Brewing.

The brewery’s latest release is another in its getaway-themed series, the Hula Hula Shake Tropical Milkshake Sour. And, with apologies to the other efforts in the series thus far, it absolutely is the best of the bunch.

A tart, fruity sour with just enough frothiness and a hint of vanilla to create a creamy texture that somehow works beautifully, this beer might not be enough to make you forget about the Brazillian variant or Loui Eriksson.

(Even though the 5.4 ABV sure helps.) And sure, it would be much better consumed while standing on a tropical beach (or at the very least, somewhere it isn’t raining).

But it should, at the very least, put a smile on your face and give you a second to consider that maybe, just maybe, there are better days ahead. Like tomorrow, which is supposed to be sunny.