Reason to Love Vancouver #4: Craft Beer Kicked Off a Revolution

And now spirits, ciders and mead are following in it's footsteps.

And now spirits, ciders and mead are following in it’s footsteps.

After a shakeup in 2013 that saw the province’s harsh liquor laws relaxed, the craft beer scene exploded; now it’s only a matter of time before craft breweries outnumber Starbucks. Following in beer’s footsteps, spirits, ciders and now-trending mead are all finding a place to call home in our bustling craft scene.

Sunday Cider: WildVancouver’s only craft cidery makes Wild with bittersweet Kingston Black apples from the Okanagan and serves it up at their sporadic afternoon dance parties (and at bars around town, too).

Roots and Wings Distillery: Double ViceThis family-owned Langley craft distillery infuses vodka with espresso, bringing in hints of chocolate and caramel.

Humblebee Meadery: The Bee’s KneesMead is one of the world’s oldest drinks, and this takes all of the old- fashioned appeal of the brew and spruces it up with an earthy green-tea flavour.

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