We Don’t Use the Word Hero Very Often…

But this Quebec man suing Sunwing on the lack of Champagne in "Champagne Service" is the greatest hero in Canadian history.

But this Quebec man suing Sunwing on the lack of Champagne in “Champagne Service” is the greatest hero in Canadian history.

The joys of flying on one of our national charter airlines are too many to list here. I once had a non-stop flight from Vancouver to Oaxaca changed at the last minute to include a “minor” diversion to Regina to pick up more revellers and chill on the tarmac for a few hours. Like most people I sat there and griped and did jack about it.But Daniel MacDuff of Quebec is not like most people.When he boarded what one assumes was a 43-year-old 737 to Cuba, he had pre-paid extra for Sunwing‘s “Champagne Service.” So he was understandably miffed when he was presented with “only sparkling wine” that was served in a regular plastic glass. Champagne? I don’t think so. So he sued them and he wants all of you who got jacked on the promise of Champagne to join him in a class action.Needless to say Sunwing, usually so fun loving, is not amused. Spokesperson Jacqueline Grossman emailed CBC to clarify: “the terms ‘champagne vacations’ and ‘champagne service’ were used to denote a level of service in reference to the entire hospitality package from the flight through to the destination experience and are not a reference to beverages served inflight or in-destination.”But MacDuff is not swayed. His lawyer, Sébastien Paquette, noted that “the billboards prominently feature flute glasses containing a sparkling liquid that most reasonable people would associate with champagne, especially in conjunction with the words advertised,” according to the CBC. And the dude has a point.Does this image saying sparkling wine in a plastic cup. Mais non, we think!In unrelated news Sunwing has updated its website to indicate that guests will receive a “welcome glass of sparkling wine.” Score one for the Champagne-loving little guy.