9 Fancypants Cocktail Kits to Break Dry January

I, for one, am looking forward to a wet February.

Just last week, I asked a dear friend if he was taking part in Dry January. His response?

“Omg no. I’m not an idiot.”

Well, call me an idiot, as I’ve been dry since roughly 4 a.m. on the 1st (because everyone knows that Dry January doesn’t actually begin at midnight; it starts when you wake up). That means I’ve spent the last 30 days getting plenty of sleep, cleansing my insides, clearing my skin, and complaining—a lot—about how much I would like a drink. I’ve been thinking hard about what drink I’ll use to ring in “Wet February” (No? Too bad) and perusing the web for local spots that offer fancy cocktail kits for delivery and pickup. Here are the picks I’m considering to celebrate my boozeless month—and even if you didn’t stay dry all January, I came up with some pretty good reasons you deserve a cocktail, anyway.

Credit: Katharine Manson

1. For Mourning Your Cancelled Travels

Odd Society Spirits’ Staycation Vermouth Kit

What You Get: 1 bottle Bittersweet vermouth,1 bottle Salted Orange Blossom honey syrup, a Lemon, a can of soda water, a recipe card
Cost: $34
Also Available: Mule cocktail kit, Fireside amaro kit, Snowbird cocktail kit, Sweater Weather cocktail kit
More Info: shop.oddsocietyspirits.com

2. For Channeling Your Inner Bartender

The Chickadee Room’s Gin Cocktail Kit

What You Get: The ingredients and garnishes for three Bombay Sapphire Gin and St. Germain cocktails (4 servings each). Ingredients include Bombay Sapphire Gin, St. Germain, orange, lemon, raspberry, sparkling wine, orange bitters, egg whites, soda, and lemon lychees
Cost: $99
Also Available: Tequila cocktail kit, Vodka kit, Bourbon cocktail kit, Valentine’s Day cocktail kit
More Info: oftendining.com

3. For Hosting Your Own Personal Dance Party

Bar Cart’s Pica Piña Margarita Kit

What You Get: Pica Piña Margarita Mix (lime, pineapple, agave syrup, habanero), one 375ml El Jimador Reposado, dried lime wheels for garnish
Cost: $65
Also Available: Pineapple Mai Tai (Rum), Spiced Pumpkin Sour (Whisky), Spirit Trail (Whisky), Kentucky Mule (Bourbon), Lionsgate Mule (Vodka), Moscow Mule (Vodka), Hastings Sunrise (Gin), High Tea (Gin), Jamaican Vacation (Rum), A Word to the Wise (Scotch), Cedar Sour (Whisky), Valentine’s Day Cocktail Kit
More Info: barcart.ca

4. For Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Joey Restaurant’s Peach Bellini Kit

What You Get: Real peach molasses, Appleton Rum, and sparkling wine (makes 16 portions)
Cost: $40
Also Available: Margarita Drink Kit, Red Delicious Cocktail Kit, Joey Coffee Cocktail Kit, Mama’s Sangria Kit, Joey Super Stoked Kit, Joey Super Nova Kit, Joey Supet Sonic Kit, Joey Mule Drink Kit, Aperol Spritz Drink Kit
More Info: joeyrestaurants.com

5. For "At Least Three Days of Good Cheer and Hope"

Boulevard’s (Escape from) Manhattan

What You Get:One 750ml Jim Beam Black, one750ml Noilly Pratt Sweet Vermouth,100ml preserved Amareena cherries, angostura bitters and “at least three days of good cheer and hope,” according to Boulevard
Cost: $80
Also Available: Margartia(ville) cocktail kit and Negroni Forever cocktail kit
More Info: blvdprovisions.ca

6. For When You Also Want Instant Noodles

The Keefer Bar’s Chinatown Sour Kit

What You Get: 750ml Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, 500ml Fernet Branca, 630ml Chinatown Sour Mix (lemon, orgeat, astragalus), a bag of ice and a pack of instant noodles (!) Serves 12. 
Cost: $110
Also Available: There’s over 20 kits on offer! A few standouts are the Tokyo Drift Kit, Dragonfly Kit, Fantasy Island Kit, and Rosemary Gimlet Kit—full menu on the website below.
More Info: thekeeferbar.com

7. For Drinking in a Bubble Bath

Fable Diner’s Sangria Home Kit

What You Get: A bottle of Stone Road wine, citrus, grand marnier, juices, and a mixing bottle
Cost: $50
More Info: fablediner.com

8. For When You Need an Extra Stem Glass

Di Beppe’s Aperol Spritz Kit

What You Get: One bottle of Aperol, a bottle of Italian Prosecco, an Aperol Spritz stem glass
Cost: $60
More Info: dibeppe.com

*Pictured is the holiday cocktail kit.

9. For When You Need an Extra Coupe Glass, Too

Dachi’s Dwindling Supply Cocktail Kit

What You Get: Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch, quince, ginger, lemon, angostura bitters, dried lemon wheel garnish and a coupe glass—makes 6 cocktails
Cost: $75
More Info: dachivancouver.com