Barfly: The Vancouver Cocktail

Every city worth its salt has a namesake cocktail. Some are all-time greats-the Manhattan reigns supreme, and the Moscow Mule served in the classic Moscow Mule mug and the Singapore Sling both do their burgs proud. But for every hit there’s a pantheon of misses; the Cincinnati cocktail, for example, is an unappealing mixture of beer and soda water. Our namesake cocktail, which first appeared at the bar of the Sylvia Hotel in the mid-50’s, never really caught on, but it’s not a bad drink, akin to a gin Manhattan with its initial bracing bite followed by mellow sweetness. In honour of Vancouver’s 125th birthday, it deserves a second look.                         1½ ounces Beefeater Gin1½ ounces sweet vermouth                             ¼ ounce Benedictine         (straight Benedictine ain’t available here-big surprise.You can substitute B&B, which is Benedictinemixed with brandy, if a border run isn’t an option)                           2 dashes Peychaud’s BittersCombine all ingredients in mixing glass full of ice. Stir, strain, toast your favourite city.