In Review: Kuchh Nai Scotch Whisky

Let's say it'll be okay in cocktails.

Let’s say it’ll be okay in cocktails.

It’s a whisky made in Scotland, by a company headquartered in England, it has a Hindi name (which translates as “nothing”) and it’s distributed in India, Canada and Australia. Plus, the company also makes a Spanish cava.Any two of the above would be a red flag but against all odds . . . it’s not half bad, given the price ($25). The nose is sweet, and there’s a slightly funny aftertaste that’s reminiscent of those plastic six-pack holders that sometimes get stuck on the necks of Canada geese. We’re not in Ardbeg territory here, but we’re not anywhere near Ardbeg’s price range, either.Let’s call it an oddball that’ll work fine in cocktails and leave it at that.Kuchh Nai Scotch Whisky, $23.50,

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