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This Canine-Friendly Vancouver Patio Just Announced a Cocktail List… for Dogs

Uncle Abe’s on Main Street is taking “Yappy Hour” seriously starting June 12.

Any dog owner will tell you that those four-legged suckers will eat just about anything. My own dog, a 12-year-old mostly-cocker-spaniel called Romeo, is not nearly as cultured as his name suggests. In his short but full life he has consumed one bra strap, two dead mice, three tealight candles and countless used tissues. He does not have a refined palate. He does not need to sip on a restaurant-prepared, dog-friendly cocktail. 

Will he be getting one, anyway? Hell yeah. 

Uncle Abe's Dog Cocktails 3Kyle Humeny

Uncle Abe’s is about to make dog owners across the city snicker, roll their eyes, and begrudgingly hand over their money, because how can you not buy a “dogtail”? The Mount Pleasant restaurant’s dog-friendly patio just announced the addition of a play area, chew toys, and dog treats to their outdoor space. And, of course, cocktails for dogs.

Uncle Abe's Dog Cocktails 2Kyle Humeny

The drinks on offer are zero-proof, obviously, so no one needs to worry about MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Dogs) getting involved. The “Wagermelon” has coconut milk, watermelon chunks and mint, and the “Barkberry” is made of muddled raspberries and blueberries. The new cocktails are $4 each, and are launching this Sunday, June 12, during “Yappy Hour” from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. 

Uncle Abe's Dog Cocktails 1Kyle Humeny

It’s true, dogs don’t need cocktails. But people don’t really need cocktails, either. Lighten up—it’s yappy hour somewhere. 

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