Riesling Aroma


One of wine’s great pleasures has nothing to do with drinking. Smelling, inhaling, sniffing (nosing, as the pros call it) importantly prepares the palate for tasting. It’s like priming a canvas for paint.

Noble riesling—an ancient German variety universally admired as a grape that transmits site and terroir in a profound way—arrives packed with floral, fruity, spicy, mineral, or petrol aromas that have much to do with where and how it was grown.

Gymnastic riesling comes in a spectrum of styles and sweetness levels; in all cases, razor-sharp acidity assures balance. The alcohol gives some clues: less than eight percent indicates overt sweetness; over 13 usually signals bone-dry. When fruit concentration and searing acidity are in perfect equilibrium, the best rieslings can age for decades.

Dr. Pauly Bergweiler Riesling is the essence of light yet intense white wine. Delicate white blossoms and linden aromas join lively citrus and peach flavours, with mineral succulence and a teasing sweet/tart finish that slices through food, pairing beautifully with Thai beef salad, firecracker prawns, or rich pâté.