Vancouver Magazine Wine Awards — The Apprentices

On September 9, 10 trepidatious sommeliers and wine professionals entered Marquis Wine Cellars to do battle with the bottle. Their ultimate goal: to win a spot at the judges’ tables in November when Vancouver Magazine International Wine Awards chief judge DJ Kearney leads three days of intense tasting and debate to generate our next 100 winning wines.

On this morning, the 10 junior judges (some novices) blind-tasted (with verve and panache) a series of wines that they chose to advance or remove from competition. Their responses, selections, and preferences gave Kearney the information to select a half-dozen hopefuls who move on to Round 2 in October.

“They were so keen,” says Kearney, “and their palates and their minds were so sharp. I wish I could take two!”

Results of the 2015 wine awards will be published in the January/February 2015 edition of the magazine, and released online and through government liquor stores in early December.