Wines to Drink Instead of Going to Europe

Liquid travels only, for now.

Okay, so your planned trip across the pond was a major bust. But all is not lost: grab one of these local, Europe-aligned pours, find a quiet spot and prepare to be sorta, quasi-transported to that dream destination you were so looking forward to.

We were supposed to be in: Beaune

Drink instead: Blue Mountain Pinot Noir River Flow 2018

The Mavety family are our blessed pinot pioneers and their new single-vineyard expressions channel a slightly more muscular take on Burgundy’s approach to pinot: site specific, thoughtful and age-able, with a side of idiosyncrasy.

We were supposed to be in: Galicia
Drink instead: Terravista Albariño

New owners have continued Senka and Bob Tennant’s dream of a winery that dives deep into the freshness of Spanish white varieties. Terravista grows both verdejo and this albariño, a salty smack in the face of a warm weather wine if there ever was one.

We were supposed to be in: Milan
Drink instead: Stag’s Hollow Dolcetto

You’ll get no nebbiolo here, but this nice juicy number from variety pioneer Stag’s Hollow will give you a taste of how everyday Italians socialize: with a patio, some fresh juicy wine and maybe some charcuterie. (Yelling at each other and talking with your hands is optional.)