6 Mouthwatering Dining Experiences in Banff and Lake Louise

Let the Taste for Adventure festival sweep you off your feet with food, drink and mountain views.

Let the Taste for Adventure festival sweep you off your feet with food, drink and mountain views.

Photo: Banff & Lake Louse TourismFramed by the craggy peaks of the Rocky Mountains and characterized by crystalline blue waters, Banff and Lake Louise is a travel destination that seems to be torn straight out of a storybook. Visitors trek from every corner of the globe to feast their eyes on these Albertan beauties.What they’re greeted with is as much of a feast for their eyes as it is for their stomachs. And Taste for Adventure—a 16-day culinary festival running from October 25 to November 9 in Banff and Lake Louise—offers its attendees the gastronomic experience of a lifetime. The festival coincides with the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival (October 28 to November 5) as well, leaving visitors with no shortage of fun things to occupy their time with.Here are just six of the dining experiences that should be crossed off vacationers’ lists before they burn off all those calories with a quick dip in the hot springs or a hike along one of the area’s many scenic trails.

  1. Mountain Carnival, High Rollers – October 25Combining the sky-high thrills of the carnival with the triple-threat of bowling pins, pints and pizza, the folks at High Rollers are sure to be gracious hosts during your stay in Banff and Lake Louise. Mountain Carnival, the event which kicks off Taste for Adventure, will provide the hungry with gourmet corn dogs and beer-glazed donuts and the thirsty with locally-sourced spirits and beer. Talk about a warm welcome.

Photo: Balkan Restaurant / Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

  1. MEZES ­– Eat like the Greeks, Balkan Restaurant – October 26Balkan Restaurant prides itself on upholding the values of the Greek philosophy of “philoxenia,” or friendship. A communal dining experience complete with family-style Greek fare, Mezes certainly remains true to this motto. Plus, once you’ve supped on Mediterranean food and wine, you can treat yourself to the Middle Eastern stylings of local musicians and dancers Hala Jamal and Mesa.
  1. Taste of Autumn: Aki No Mikaku, Block Kitchen and Bar – October 26 and November 2Known for its tapas and sumptuous sandwiches, Block is one of the Town of Banff’s newest and trendiest restaurants. During the festival, Chef Stephane Prevost will be dishing up a multi-course meal complete with sake and cocktails that flaunts his familiarity with both Japanese and Western fare.

Photo: Park Distillery Restaurant and Bar / Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

  1. From Tail to Cocktail, Park Distillery Restaurant and Bar – October 29 and October 31Head and shoulders, knees and… tails? On a regular day, Park boasts homey campfire-style cooking and an array of spirits distilled on the premises. During Taste for Adventure, they offer a uniquely Albertan dining experience that takes the customer on a “nose-to-tail” tour of the province’s pork producers, complete with wine and cocktail pairings and culinary seminars.
  1. On Track for Treachery, Baker Creek Bistro – November 3For those seeking more of an interactive dining experience, Baker Creek Bistro offers a two-for-one deal on dinner and a show. Indulge in a three-course meal of Canadian cuisine as a murder mystery unfolds in real time before your eyes. A classic “whodunit” story set in 1927 during the heyday of the CP Rail, The Last Spike follows one Magnus Buck on his quest for fame and fortune. Sprinkle in a little murder and romance and you’ve got yourself a dining experience worth donning your best deerstalker cap for.
  1. Heritage Yoga & Culinary Retreat, Storm Mountain Lodge – November 6 to 8If you’re in the market for an immersive getaway experience, Storm Mountain Lodge and Rocky Mountain Yoga have you covered. Their Heritage Yoga and Culinary Retreat is a three-day event that blends the peace and simplicity of yoga with the luxury of fine dining. Activities include but are not limited to: outdoor yoga and meditation classes, wine and cheese tastings, hiking expeditions, cooking and raw chocolate making.