Adidas “Terrex” Store Opens in Same Kitsilano Block as New Arc’teryx Store, Confusing Everyone

A month after the Vancouver Arc'teryx flagship opens, Adidas brings a new 'Ter to town.

On December 26 2022, a brand-new outdoor adventure gear store opened in Kitsilano. The Adidas Terrex store (located at 2235 W 4th Ave) is the first of its kind in Canada—it specifically carries the Terrex collection, a line of apparel, footwear and accessories made for the great outdoors. Vancouver hasn’t seen an outdoor apparel store opening like this since… well, about a month ago, when the new Arc’teryx flagship store opened at 2201 W 4th Ave on November 19.

The stores are practically next door to each other (between Vine and Yew, on the north side of the street). One is called Arc’teryx and the other is called Adidas Terrex. Arc’teryx’s media release says inventory includes apparel and equipment “from climbing gear to trail running, snow sports and accessories.” Terrex’s press release describes the new store’s products as “gear that inspires outdoor adventure–be it climbing, trail running, mountain biking or enjoying a day on the snowy mountains.” Any questions?

The Arc'teryx store interior
Inside the Arc’teryx store. Photo: Kornelia Kulbacki

Of course, diehard outdoor apparel geeks are not about to get the two stores confused (despite the nearly identical names and the fact that the two spaces are practically spooning each other on West 4th). Loyal fans of either brand are going to stick to their little corner of the block. Arc’teryx’s ReBird centre—a new complimentary repair shop within the store—supports the company’s sustainability goals, while Terrex features a digital video wall and a live plant canopy.

Inside the Adidas Terrex store. Photo: CNW Group/Adidas Canada

Adidas’s Terrex has actually been around since 2011 (but TBH, we hadn’t heard of it until today). And we recognize that opening a brick-and-mortar store takes years of planning and development. The two similarly titled stores opening within a month of each other in the same block might just be a weird coincidence, like the release of Dreamworks’ Madagascar in 2005 and Disney’s The Wild in 2006.

Even so, it’s weird. Terrex and Arc’teryx aim to serve the same market and are basically indistinguishable when said aloud. Back in November, Arc’teryx called the Kits block a “pinnacle location for the brand”—apparently Adidas thought so, too.

So the next time you’re looking for outdoor apparel in Vancouver, you’re going to want to hit these two. Oh, and the Patagonia store that’s two blocks east, too. If you need me, I’ll be writing a Romeo and Juliet knockoff featuring Terrex and Arc’teryx retail workers.