On the Rise: Sevin Kasran Combines Traditional Indian Design with Modern Luxury Streetwear

And big names are taking notice.

Basketball was a first love for both Sunny Basran and Kevin Khungay. The childhood friends grew up in Kamloops idolizing the pros: “Aside from God, we loved those players just as much,” Basran jokes.

Sunny Basran and Kevin Khungay
Sunny Basran (left) and Kevin Khungay of luxury streetwear brand Sevin Kasran.

In 2017, after they had both moved to Vancouver, Basran and Khungay teamed up—not on the court, but in the design studio. “Fashion is ingrained in our culture,” explains Basran, noting that both he and Khungay have seamstress mothers who immigrated to Canada from India. The pair’s luxury streetwear brand, Sevin Kasran, is a play on the founders’ names, and a nod to both pro athlete fashion and their own traditional designs. “Nike has the check, Adidas has the stripes and we have our culture,” says Basran.

The Indo canvas jacket (this photo) and black semi sheer shirt (photo below) merge modern and traditional.

Sevin Kasran combines Indian typography, patterns and dye methods with contemporary streetwear: think turmeric-toned bomber jackets with floral-patterned sleeves. It’s a signature style that’s gained attention from the very same athletes who inspired the brand: NBA players Chris Paul and Jayson Tatum have both been spotted wearing Sevin Kasran jackets (as has celebrity comedian Kevin Hart). “These guys have the choice of anything in the world—they can wear anything they want,” says Basran. “And for them to look at a garment of ours and say, ‘Yeah, I mesh with that’… that’s a big deal.”

wool bomber jacket
This wool bomber jacket ($700) elevates a classic silhouette with unexpected pattern—we’re justifiably obsessed.

Beyond earning some celeb recognition, the duo says they’re also eager to inspire kids in their community and to encourage creativity. “Beautiful design changes the world, it changes perspectives, it gives hope,” says Basran. “It’s more than finances and clout—this is a change of thought that’s powerful.”