5 Ways to Brighten Your Home

Let there be light!

Let there be light!

As summer comes to an end and the days begin to get shorter, we find ourselves looking for light. Every room in one’s home has a specific function and purpose, neither of which can be fully realized without the right lighting solutions. From living and dining rooms, to bed and bathrooms, every space deserves to feel stylish and comfortable thanks in part to the perfect light fixture. Here are five bright ideas to get you started.

Living Room

Whether you’re snuggled up on the couch with a great book or entertaining friends and family, the living room is where you spend lengthy stretches of time, often long after the sun has gone down. A floor lamp offers gentle indirect light, perfect for reading or conversations with loved ones. It also acts as a complementary piece for the room, accenting the sofa, coffee table and wall art, and tying the room together.

Dining Room

While the meals you serve around the dining room table may or may not be photo-worthy, this room doesn’t require intense lighting. Instead, consider a beautiful pendant light or chandelier to act as a focal point and a conversation piece for new dinner guests to appreciate will they enjoy a great meal.


While you don’t necessarily have the lights on for the majority of the time you spend in this room, it does need to have comfortable, as well as flattering lighting. Consider a set of matching table lamps for either side of the bed to balance the room’s decor and offer variable amounts of light depending on whether you’re relaxing at the end of a long day, or attempting to choose the perfect outfit.


While it may seem unconventional, installing a dimmer switch in the bathroom is great way to vary the lighting in a room that typically only has two options: on or off. Turn the vanity lights all the way up when you’re styling your hair or dim them for a relaxing bath. Bonus: you won’t be bombarded with light first thing in the morning when your eyes are still adjusting to being awake.


Track lighting is a great option for the kitchen as one fixture will shed light on multiple points in the room while simultaneously providing three times the light of a single lamp. Keep the wattage high (even with energy efficient lighting products like compact fluorescent or LED bulbs) so that you can see exactly where your knife is going.For all these and more gorgeous lighting solutions, visit multilighting.ca and chat with one of their knowledgeable consultants online today.