Chefs’ Favourite Sandwich Recipes

Andrey Durbach Cafeteria, Pied-à-Terre, La Buca
“I love a veal schnitzel sandwich (I use a top-round veal cutlet from Cioffi’s) with crisp bacon, tomato, Italian fontina cheese (not the Danish knockoff), and spicy mayo (my own combo of mayo, mustard, and Tabasco) on a Portuguese bun from Calabria bakery.”

Karen Gin Market by Jean-Georges
“I buy fantastic charcuterie called rolli polli at this little deli in my neighbourhood. It’s pork loin wrapped in pork belly. I build my sandwich with Chasing brand sauerkraut, Maille grainy mustard, and sliced crispy red apple, like a Gala, all on a soft Portuguese bun. So good!”

Karinna James The Urban Tea Merchant
“My favourite combo is Lapsang Souchong-infused poached Aldergrove chicken with thinly sliced organic green onions, Hellman’s mayonnaise, fleur de sel, and freshly ground pepper. I’ll cut these into tea sandwiches (a combination of pumpernickel and white bread) and savour them along with baby cucumbers.”

Mark Brand Boneta, Sea Monstr Sushi, Save-on-Meat
“I grill a nice cut of Pemberton beef and reduce two cups of R&B Red Devil beer with whole mushrooms (morels from Mikuni are my favorite), honey, Worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar, heavy cream, salt and pepper in a pan. I toast Portuguese buns from Union Street Market, spread on garlic butter, layer on the sliced steak, top with the sauce and a grind of pepper, and serve open-faced.”

Neil Wyles Hamilton Street Grill
“I do admit to a weakness for plain old white bread, and shaved honey-maple ham is a standby in my house. Next is extra-sharp white cheddar. Unsalted butter is a must. Then Cosse and Blackwell’s Branston pickle. A few thin slices of red onion. Sprouts if they’re handy, but I’ll settle for butter or leaf lettuce. Salt and pepper. No mustard, period. (I hate it with a passion.) All downed with an ice-cold glass of skim milk.”