Sneak Peek: The Weird And Oddly Tasty Foods At This Year’s PNE

One of Vancouver’s hottest summer attractions is back and it’s armed with an outrageous culinary experience.

One of Vancouver’s hottest summer attractions is back and it’s armed with an outrageous culinary experience.

The Fair at the PNE is set to return this year at from August 18th to September 3rd. While awesome exhibits (get your GOT on a the Lost World of Dragons), live performances (Boyz II Men, Air Supply, Goo Goo Dolls, and Mariana’s Trench to name a few), epic rides and fun games are standard, any true Vancouverite knows that it wouldn’t be fair to exclude food from your itinerary—and the Fair at the PNE is unleashing some of the freakiest, tastiest eats. (Photo Credit: Fair At The PNE)

Smokin’ Ice Cream

The city’s recent heat wave means ice cream is the only cure and the Fair is bringing a modern take to icy desserts with their Black Charcoal Pineapple Ice Cream, made from coconut husks and infused with onyx, activated charcoal served in a pineapple. There’s also the S’luscious series with boozy slush drinks like the Frosé, Dark and Stormy, and traditional favourites, lime, and mango. Take a few more steps, and you’ll see Tokyo’s Wat a Melon stand which offers some of the sweetest ice cream (and deep-fried strawberries) around. (Photo Credit: Fair At The PNE)

Say What Apples?

Rollercoaster aficionados aren’t the only daredevils here. This year, creators of the shudder-worthy BBQ Cricket Burger are challenging brave and courageous souls to take on the Cricket Caramel Apple, a salty Fair classic rolled in real, oven-roasted Entomo Farm crickets. (Photo Credit: Fair At The PNE)

Blast From The Past

Stepping into Gourmet Burgers’ 1950s-themed diner is kind of like being Marty McFly in Back To The Future except instead of Biff Tannen and a Pepsi Free, you’re introduced to the Garlic Vanilla Milkshake Burger and the Sweet and Salty Milkshake Burger. For the sequel to your foodie adventure, journey into the future with the Deep-Fried Burger and the Caramel Fried Pineapple Ring. (Photo Credit: Fair At The PNE)

Chocolate Factory

Attention chocoholics: Churros Locos now has Chocolate Dipped Churros and Churro Fries smothered and lathered in your favourite toppings and sauces. Not sweet enough for you? Try the Triple Chocolate Brown Milkshakes (fresh, homemade brownies crushed in warm chocolate sauce and layered through a cool Vanilla Bean Milkshake) on for size. And for the first time ever, White Chocolate Cheese Cake Mini Donuts will be a thing. (Photo Credit: Fair At The PNE)

KitKat Fries

Break me off a piece of that KitKat…Fries? Steve O’s Public House has turned one of Canada’s favourite chocolate bars into a salty, crunchy, lip-smacking snack.