Starting Today Black and Blue Is Offering Miyazaki Wagyu for a Limited Time

Try this melt-in-your-mouth, exclusive beef while you can.

Black and Blue, Alberni Street’s chic steakhouse known for its, well, steak (and gigantic year-round rooftop patio) is now offering Miyazaki Wagyu for a limited time.

In general, wagyu is a high-grade, heavily marbled beef from Japan known for their buttery tenderness and exceptional flavour.

slab of meat atop a carved salt platter.
Miyazaki Wagyu finishing on a heated salt block.

But Miyazaki Wagyu is basically the holy grail of wagyu: this extra-luxe luxe beef is one of the most sought-after brands in the world. Kuroge Washu cows are raised in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture on a diet of corn, wheat and barley for over six-hundred days, which is almost eight times longer than most cattle on the market (which is where all that coveted marbling comes from).

a chunk of wagyu wrapped in plastic, the marbled fat is prominent
Miyazaki Wagyu in all of its glory.

After all of this, not only does the beef have to pass strict guidelines, but it is also then rated by the Japanese government—with A5 being the highest rating possible. All of the Miyazaki Wagyu served at Black and Blue is A5-rated. For the last three years, Miyazaki Wagyu has been named the best beef by the Prime Minister of Japan.

Black and Blue is featuring Miyazaki Wagyu for a limited time, in a variety of cuts at different weights. You can choose from the rib eye ($36 per oz), striploin ($38 per oz) or tenderloin ($45 per oz). All steaks are available in six-, eight-, or twelve-ounce portions.

Black and Blue
Location1032 Alberni Street
Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30AM-12AM; Saturday-Sunday 2:30PM-12AM
Miyazaki Wagyu reservations available via their website