5 Croissants to Try at the 2023 Vancouver Croissant Crawl

Embark on a DIY and slightly messy carb lovin’ adventure.

The Metro Vancouver Croissant Crawl is back for another year from November 1-14. For two weeks, participating vendors will have limited-edition croissant creations for every kind of sweet or savoury tooth. And the best thing about this crawl? It’s self-guided, meaning you can get your croissant fix the way you want to (bike, walk, drive—choose your own pastry adventure).  

We’ve rounded up five croissants to put on your checklist.  

5 Croissants to Eat at the 2023 Vancouver Croissant Crawl

white bowl full of mini croissants and milk.
Credit: Footo Croissant.

1. Cinnamon Croissant Cereal

Start your crawl (and morning?) right by trying the Cinnamon Croissant Cereal from Footo Croissant. This is childhood nostalgia in a cup, and probably the only time you’ll ever eat seven-plus croissants in one sitting. Probably.  

Two Croissants on white napkin with coffee mug and spoon in background.
Credit: Lindsay Royle.

2. Pumpkin Pie Double-Baked Croissant

I know Thanksgiving is over, but pumpkin pie is always acceptable in my books. This croissant from Terra Breads was so popular last year that it’s back again. Filled with pumpkin and almond spice cream and crumble topping, this pastry may just be fall in food form.

Stuffed croissant with ham on a white plate.
Credit: Charisma Cafe & Dessert House.

3. Honey Ham & Cheese Mochi Croissant

Calling all savory croissant lovers. The first of its kind in Charisma Cafe & Dessert House, this mochi croissant mixes the sweet honey ham with savoury provolone cheese. Served warm, this could be a snack or a meal if you have two (you know you want to).

Dessert cube with chocolate on top.
Credit: Insight Marketing Media.

4. Caramel Chocolate Croissant Cube

Pain au chocolat anyone? Yes, but with a twist please. The Caramel Chocolate Croissant Cube from Paul Bakery is that chocolate croissant you know and love, but with sweet caramel and in geometric glory.

Croissant with crumble on top on a white counter.
Credit: Bonus Bakery.

5. Tiramisu Biscoff Crumbs Croissant (plant-based)

One of two plant-based offerings this year is the Tiramisu Biscoff Crumbs Croissant from Bonus Bakery. Homemade Tiramisu cream fills this bad boy, with Tiramisu spread and Biscoff crumbles on top.

According to the Croissant Crawl, limited quantities of croissants will be available for walk-ins, pre-orders are highly encouraged.