Purdys Went to the North Pole to Make Their Latest Chocolates

The new North Pole Salted Caramels use seawater harvested with Inuk guides in Nunavut.

Salted caramel and Santa lovers, this one’s for you. Purdys latest launch—the North Pole Salted Caramels—includes a little touch of Santa’s seaside backyard on top of each one.

Working with an Inuk wildlife conservation officer in Nunavut’s Grise Fjord, the team at Purdys collected seawater from the Arctic Circle to harvest the salt. The team partnered with the Vancouver Island Salt Company to extract the salt from the polar water—which is flaked for this salted caramel, a shift from their granular salt they use in their Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels. “The flake salt almost has the texture of snow—when snowflakes land on your tongue, this does the same thing,” says Purdys’ master chocolatier, Rachel McKinley. “When we started to sprinkle the salts in our factory kitchen, everyone was so delighted!”

Purdys North Pole Salted Caramels

As part of the limited-edition project, Purdys is donating $10,000 to the Arctic Children and Youth Foundation, a group responsible for the first child advocacy centre in Nunavut. 

The North Pole Salted Caramels ($24 for a 16-piece box) are available in Purdys stores as of this Thursday, December 1.