Take Halloween Seriously With These 5 Vancouver Halloween Treats

Get fancy this Halloween with these sugary and festive delights.

Vancouver-based bakeries and pastry shops have embraced the spooky season by making a diverse selection of Halloween-inspired desserts. Indulge your sweet tooth and take this Halloween to the next level by devouring these unique treats.

Pumpkin Lamington Cake from Beaucoup Bakery & Café

This October, Beaucoup Bakery’s co-owner, Betty Hung, introduced a new cake that was inspired by the Australian desserts she had as a kid. Hung’s Pumpkin Lamington Cake features a creamy cheese filling between layers of spiced pumpkin sponge, as well as a pumpkin white chocolate ganache coating with coconut, and crushed pumpkin seeds. The Lamington Cake’s recipe is available online for those who are feeling confident in their baking abilities.

Where: 2150 Fir Street, Vancouver

Cream Puffs Trio from BETA5 Chocolates

Acclaimed Vancouver chocolate and pastry shop, BETA5, is celebrating Halloween in style with their new chocolate and decadent cream puffs. The cream puff trio is available from October 26 to 31 and includes a vanilla bean mummy, cocoa nib spider, and a Frankenstein head made from raspberry mousse. Now’s the time to resolve your mummy issues.

Where: 413 Industrial Ave, Vancouver
Price: $5 per cream puff

PSL Petit Gateaux from Just Cakes Bakeshop

This Surrey-based bakeshop shop created an adorable creamy treat with their PSL Petit Gateaux. This fun-sized pastry consists of pumpkin spice, chocolate mousse and chocolate java. Now is your chance to eat a pumpkin while carving one. 

Price: $7.50
Where: #5-7548 120 Street, Surrey 

Halloween Jack-O-Pumpkin or Skull Pumpkin Pie from The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole created a spooky good delight with their skull pumpkin pie. This nine-inch wonder was made from locally grown roasted pumpkins and the Pie Hole’s signature double butter crust. 

Where: 1864 West 4th Ave. Vancouver; 3497 Fraser St. Vancouver; 7832 6th Street, Burnaby
$30.00 for a 9-inch

XL pumpkin chocolate showpiece from Temper Chocolate and Pastry 

Prepare to experience the largest sugar rush of your life with Temper’s extra large chocolate showpiece. If you love chocolate, caramel and lollipops, this may be the perfect dessert for you.

Where: 2409 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
Price: $49