The Best Thing I Ate All Week: Chocolate Rosemary Cookie at Beaucoup Bakery

Chocolate and rosemary are just better together.

Chocolate and rosemary are just better together.

When I first moved to Vancouver some 15 years ago, my roommate and I were obsessed with the Rosemary Rock Salt bagels from Siegel’s. Something about that salt and rosemary combo becomes more than the sum of its parts—fragrant, savoury, perfect with a smear of butter or just on their own. I ate a lot of bagels back then.And now I’ve got a new obsession. Beaucoup Bakery’s chocolate rosemary cookies are fudgey, double-chocolate delights that aren’t too sweet. A soft chocolate cookie is filled with bittersweet chocolate chunks, and topped with a dusting of rosemary and fleur de sel, a pairing near-perfect for a strong cup of Irish Breakfast tea right around 2:00 in the afternoon, when my inbox refuses to slow down and I need a little something to keep going. In an attempt at holiday restraint, I first quartered the cookie and ate just one piece, then came back for a second, then just ate the whole damn thing because it (and I) was unstoppable.I spent the past weekend seeing if I could recreate the cookies at home, to literally no success. Thank you, chef Jackie, for creating another perfect dessert.Chocolate Rosemary cookie, $2.35 each, beaucoupbakery.comBeaucoup Bakery

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