Best Thing I Ate: Too Good to Be Stew

Bright and soothing, the Tamaly Shop's birria classica is as cozy as your grandmother's kitchen.

Liz Ortega says that she modelled her Main Street tamaleria, the Tamaly Shop, after her grandmother’s house—from the floral-patterned tile to the glossy tablecloths to the Mexican art splashed across the walls, the cozy space refuses to blend in. Listing everything on your brunch menu for $17.50 is another magnificent way to set yourself apart in this city. (And when every dish comes with cinnamony sweet coffee and pan de dulce? Forget about it.)

I’d never had birria outside of a taco before visiting the Tamaly Shop, but their birria clasica—a stew made with juicy marinated lamb, tender onions, plenty of cilantro and a squeeze of lime—has me fully converted from tortilla to spoon. It’s bright, soothing, soupy and indulgently satisfying… especially when you’re nursing a hangover (don’t tell my grandma).

2525 Main St. |

The Tamaly Shop’s birria clasica
The Tamaly Shop’s birria clasica, $17.50.