Comparing the Aquilini Family to Characters from Succession

One of these things looks a lot like the other.

For the third season in a row, the most entertaining show on TV these days can be found on HBO in the form of Succession, the program about the uber-rich Roy family and their various battles, both with each other and with the outside world.  

But for the last couple of weeks, the most entertaining story to watch in Vancouver has been the management of the Canucks. Finally, after reports of friction within the family, the team made the decision to fire general manager Jim Benning and head coach Travis Green and move the team forward under president and interim general manager Jim Rutherford and new coach Bruce Boudreau.  

As such, we couldn’t help wondering who would be who in an Aquilini-driven Succession. Especially after seeing this video from Twitter user @jkmnew: 


With Succession about to air its season three finale, there seems like no better time to dive in than right now. Let’s get to it.  


Luigi Aquilini – Logan Roy 

Easy choice here. The patriarch of both families, this is something of an obvious call. As with many of these comparisons, this one comes off a bit harsh (it’s satire, people). After all, Logan Roy is a villainous, corrupt man who has clearly committed a laundry list of atrocities.  

Luigi is “one of Canada’s most respected and accomplished billionaires,” according to the University of Fraser Valley, who gave him an honourary Doctor of Laws. Of course, he was also accused of denying his employees water, so who’s to say?  

Francesco Aquilini – Kendall Roy 

Another fairly easy one: the prodigal son who serves as the face of the company in some respects. The infighting on Succession between Kendall and Logan has been the main plot point of season three.  

No reports have suggested that things have gotten that salty between Luigi and Francesco, but there are rumblings the family hasn’t been too pleased with the management of the Canucks, of which Francesco is primarily responsible for.  

Roberto Aquilini – Roman Roy 

Speaking of which, Francesco’s younger brother Roberto reportedly was quite unpleased with how the Canucks were being run. Now, we don’t know much about Roberto and we know wayyyy too much about Roman. Personality-wise, they seem like polar opposites, mostly because everyone on earth seems like the polar opposite of Roman. But they seem to operate in similar spots in their respective family empires.  

Tom Gagliardi – Sandy Furness 

If you know much about the Aquilini family’s history in this town, you likely know that Francesco and fellow Vancouver businessman Tom Gagliardi have more bad blood between than them than Taylor Swift and her exes. Gagliardi, who owns the NHL’s Dallas Stars, and Aquilini have been at odds since the former accused the latter of screwing him out of the deal to buy the Canucks.  

Sandy Furness, of course, is Logan’s main media mogul rival and has spent much of the show trying to gain control over Waystar Royco.  

Stan Smyl – Gerri Kellman 

Both savvy operators who were left to take on interim positions for a short-term. Smyl’s term already ended (albeit with two wins under his belt), and Gerri’s could also be coming to a close with the revelations in the most recent episode.  

Jim Benning – Tom Wamsgams 

For awhile there, Tom and Jim seemed to be playing very similar roles: both were holding controlling roles over important departments and were tied to the respective families. But questions arose over how much sway both of them actually held in the departments they oversaw.  

And while it appeared that they were both inveitably headed for ugly fates, it now seems like it’s only Benning who is going to take the fall as Tom avoids prison (physically, at least).  

Michael Doyle – Karl Muller 

The Aquilinis’ go-to business operative, Doyle has played an important role in cultivating the group’s restaurant operations. He was recently brought to the Canucks in the role of president of business operations.  

Likewise, Muller is the steady business hand of Waystar-Royco, as he serves as the Chief Financial Officer.  

John Weisbrod – Greg Hirsch 

If Tom is Benning, then Weisbrod has to be Hirsch. In both cases, it’s never been exactly clear what either of these men do. Weisbrod, who essentially served as Benning’s second in command, was relieved along with Benning. Greg seems to have survived within the company for now. But we still don’t know what he does. He doesn’t seem to either.  

Trevor Linden – Frank Vernon 

Smart, revered guys who were brought into their positions and then either backstabbed or were backstabbed, resulting in expulsion. Frank managed to talk himself back into Waystar-Royco’s good graces. Trev, not so much.  

The Sedins – Lukas Mattson 

The supposed saviours are here. The former players were hired to the front office earlier this year to learn the tricks of the trade (and probably take over eventually), while another Swede in GoJo pioneer Mattson (played by Alexander Skarsgård) is thought to be the Roys’ only chance toward building their empire instead of letting it collapse.  

Mattson remarked in episode 8 that success is too easy. The Sedins would never say that and have worked for everything they’ve gotten. But they sure make it look easy.