Five Amazing Sushi Rolls to Check Out

Toshi house roll

Toshi, 181 E. 16th Ave., 604-874-5173

Yes, the lineup is brutal. But once inside this wildly popular spot you’ll be rewarded with the simple, delicious house roll featuring prawn tempura, tobiko, and cucumber topped with sliced avocado.

 Kishimoto house roll

Kishimoto, 2054 Commercial Dr., 604-255-5550

This one combines scallop, salmon, and radish sprouts, with a twist: the roll is wrapped in crisp white soy paper instead of the usual seaweed. (Actually, it has that, too.)

Ajisai house roll

Ajisai, 2081 W. 42nd Ave., 604-266-1428

The skill of Chef Hide is evidenced by the thin, delicate filament of tamago that encloses the roll, lending it just a touch of sweetness. Inside: tuna, salmon, prawn, surimi crab, tobiko (flying fish roe), avocado, and cucumber. Dreamy.

Prosciutto roll

Bistro Sakana, 1123 Mainland St., 604-633-1280

Mango and Okanagan goat cheese rolled in sushi rice and topped with prosciutto, sweet unagi sauce, and basil pesto. And it works. 

 Yellow Submarine roll

Octopus’ Garden, 1995 Cornwall Ave., 604-734-8971

One of the city’s most acclaimed sushi restaurants continues the Ringo theme with this roll: hamachi, oba leaf (another name for our friend, green shiso), green beans, tobiko, mango, and tempura bits.

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