The Best Thing I Ate All Week: Churro Morning Bun at Beaucoup Bakery

It's so pretty I could cry.

Despite their ‘gram-worthiness, some foods are just not as good as they look. Unicorn-themed drinks and smoothie bowls come to mind (I said what I said—cold purple soup is just not my breakfast of choice). But every once in a while, an edible marvel graces us with a presence beautiful both inside and out. Vancouver, for your consideration: Beaucoup Bakery’s Churro Morning Bun.

I’ll preface this by admitting that I tried every single addition to Beaucoup Bakery’s new fall menu and had a hard time picking which treat to write about. Co-owners, siblings, and dare I say masterminds Betty and Jacky Hung modeled the fresh menu inspired by their favourite childhood treats. Honourable mention to the hulking Cookies ‘n Cream Croissant and the delicate Pumpkin Lamington Cake—the latter just the right size and sweetness and the former exactly too large and perfectly too sweet.

The Churro Morning Cream Bun, however, takes the literal and metaphorical cake.  The crunchy outside (courtesy of the usual churro suspects, cinnamon and sugar) gives way to a croissant-like inside. The light pastry swirls into a great dollop of cream in the centre. It’s garnished with a rich goat’s milk caramel, milk crumbs, and a tiny cinnamon stick, plus edible gold flecks that wink at unsuspecting palates. The bun is as beautiful as it is tasty, and looks exactly as advertised (check out the above photo compared to the ones I took, below— I think the only difference may be that mine can sense it’s imminent demise). For churro lovers, croissant lovers, and those who appreciate the fine balance of visual art, this is a treat worth indulging in.

Sometimes, insides and outsides match perfectly

Churro Morning Cream Bun from Beaucoup Bakery