The start of spring is not complete without a good rosé

Ah, spring. Blossoms, the luxury of daylight after work, the looming playoffs (but not for us!), and the sudden irrepressible, utterly undeniable need for rosé. No wine is more eminently chillable or glugable (please note: NOT quaffable - glugable!), or more worthy of fresh air carrying the magical waft of BBQ smoke. Rosé is a natural in B.C. (it's no accident that five of our six Wine Awards winners are home and native); Tinhorn Creek's is a classic example, fresh and juicy, crisp and minerally, with the telltale sagebrushy pungency that is an indelible encryption of Okanagan DNA.  You won't need fresh local Spot Prawns or Dungeness Crab, but if you have them, you will be one step closer to heaven. If the newly-released 2015 happens to be on the shelf, this is a vintage every bit as generous as 2014. Tinhorn Creek Oldfield Series Rosé 2014 | British Columbia | $19.19