The Made-in-Vancouver Movie Bracket: Deadpool vs. Star Trek Beyond

As part of our March-April film issue, we’re setting out to determine the best ever made-in-Vancouver film. Follow along on Twitter or Instagram.

Deadpool (2016) vs. Star Trek Beyond (2016)

We move on to the action side of the Made-in-Vancouver film bracket, starting with two movies from the same year.

Both were released to rave reviews and filmed extensively in Vancouver. But anyone who’s watched both will know that’s where the similarities end.

Here’s how the action bracket looks from the outset.

So how do the two movies stack up against each other? Let’s dive in.

Rotten Tomatoes rating

Deadpool: 85 percent

Star Trek Beyond: 86 percent

Critics loved the reboot of the Star Trek series, to the point that even the decidedly meh Star Trek Into Darkness put up an 84 rating on RT.

But Star Trek Beyond is more or less deserving of the 86. Does it deserve higher than Deadpool? That’s probably going to depend on your feelings toward crude humour and T.J. Miller.

Worldwide box office (USD)

Deadpool: $782.6 million

Star Trek Beyond: $343.3 million

Both are major motion picture events, obviously, but Deadpool performed extremely well, even for a superhero flick. For its relatively low $58-million budget, it’s one of the bigger successes in recent Hollywood history. And that’s before you factor in its R rating (cutting out the pivotal teenage audience) and its ban in China, the world’s second-biggest theatrical market.


Deadpool: 10/10

Star Trek Beyond: 5/10

Star Trek Beyond’s forest scenes were filmed in Vancouver and surrounding areas, but much of this movie was made in the studio. Plus, many outside scenes were shot in Dubai.

As for Deadpool, well, the Georgia Viaduct was essentially a supporting character. And you may have heard that the star of the film hails from our city.

Editors’ verdict

Deadpool is one of the consensus favourites to take this entire bracket. Although the movie meets some respectable competition here, it’s but a slight bump on the viaduct.

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