Crafted Vancouver: A New Kind of Craft Festival

Launching this month, Crafted Vancouver curates an exploratory, one-of-a-kind craft experience.

Crafted Vancouver is thrilled to launch their inaugural festival showcasing the best in local, national and international professional craft. From May 4-28, Crafted Vancouver will feature a multitude of events to not only showcase craft goods, but a deeper dive into the craftsperson’s process and how their work impacts our everyday lives.“In a mass-market, disposable culture, there’s an opportunity to revive our appreciation for quality goods and reconnect with those who produce them.” says Carrie Ross, the festival’s Director. “Our aim is always to celebrate unique pieces in smaller quantities with greater meaning.” Photo provided by: Richard OlakWe’re most looking forward to celebrating craft at the Balvenie After Hours Series at Hycroft Manor. Join Crafted Vancouver and hosts Jamie Johnson, John Atkin and Brad Turner for an engaging night of talks and tastings. Sip delicious Balvenie Whisky from exquisitely designed Brad Turner glasses, while learning about the fascinating history behind one of Vancouver’s most legendary heritage houses, Hycroft Manor. Photo provided by: University Women’s Club of Vancouver“Crafted Vancouver will show our local community the value of craft and encourage them to actively become part of the process,” says festival Director, Carrie Ross. This years’ theme of “Made to be Discovered” invites us all to learn more about the discipline and history of craft by expanding our knowledge and perspective on the unique and hand-made. Explore crafts goods, the craftspeople behind them and how their work impacts our world through everything from talks to self-guided tours to workshops and tastings.Crafted Vancouver is a one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed. Visit the Crafted Vancouver website for details on the Balvenie After Hours Series and the full list of events and craftspeople.