Weed Coast: 3 Strains That Pair Perfectly with Summer

What to pair with a beach walk, a mid-day picnic and moonlight conversation for the ideal summer day.

We’re so lucky to live here on weed coast, especially lately. The unseasonably warm weather has motivated many a Vancouverite to congregate daily and nightly on our many gorgeous local beaches, parks, lawns and sun-soaked patios. Longer days and pleasant temperatures are urging people to put away their raincoats and explore the near limitless outdoor adventures our region has to offer. And when thinking about exploring the great outdoors, one’s first thoughts should be (in this order): “what are we going to eat?”, “what wine should we bring?” and “do we have enough weed?”

Most people already know that a meal (and the accompanying wine) must always match the activity—it’s never one size fits all. Potato salad and a Solo cup of chilled Chardonnay might work well at the beach, for example, but it would be a challenge to balance that same potato salad on a paddleboard in the middle of Howe Sound. It’s important to mix it up and to match the food and wine for the right setting. And what about the weed? For starters, it’s lighter than a bottle of wine, is very easily stored, and can similarly help to elevate the experience.

For planning purposes, consider your stash box (or your closet, or your shoebox) to be like your wine rack. You never want to be caught with a near-empty cellar that offers little selection, none of which may match the proposed event. For instance, you’ll always want to have some easy-drinking Pinot Noir on hand, along with a few Chianti or Rhône-style blends, a Riesling or two, a handful of sparkling wines–you get the idea. Similarly, when shopping for cannabis, it is recommended to pick up a variety of strains, maybe a gram or two of each, so that you’re always ready for any occasion, depending on where the wind takes you.

Weed is lighter than a bottle of wine, is very easily stored, and can similarly help to elevate the experience.

If you’re comfortable shopping online for weed (you shop online for everything else, don’t you?), give the crew at BC-based TopLeaf.ca a shot. The store offers a wide selection of proprietary and hard-to-find strains. Emails to customer service are returned promptly, and their team will certainly impress for their depth of knowledge and passion for the product. Consider a few of these featured selections to accompany you on your next full-day outdoor adventure:

An Indica-dominant hybrid, Humboldt Black Gold is ideal for bright-eyed daytime use and is a great way to start the day. Hello, sunshine! Sporting a dense cloak of purple and forest green leaves, the bud has a firm but plush texture that yields sweet notes of cinnamon, dried orange and mint as it’s gently packed into a bowl. Smooth and silky on delivery, its flavours suggest a warm celeriac soup with a kiss of freshly-cracked black pepper and a drizzle of grassy olive oil. Elegant and tasty, this Indica-dominant hybrid offers a clear-headed experience that is well-suited to a quiet morning on the beach, watching the waves lapping gently at your feet.

Later in the afternoon, the aromatics from their award-winning Sweet Jesus will take you by surprise, serving up a fiesta of fragrances that conjure images of corn tortillas, sautéed peppers and melted cheese. A 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup winner, its narrow and sticky Sativa buds are pale green, with a generous icing of white trichomes. Burning smooth and clean, the experience here is immediately uplifting, cerebral and energetic, which may guide you towards a more robust activity such as a brisk hike with a good friend. Don’t be afraid—we’re not talking about the Grouse Grind here, but something more civilized like a stroll along the seawall or a midday exploration of Lighthouse Park. Bring a picnic.

As the sun begins to set and voices take on softer tones, Jager OG is the perfect partner for quiet moonlight conversation, or as a nightcap to a lovely al fresco weekend. Its tiny nuggets are generously-expressive, a complex dance between notes of aniseed, milk chocolate, lavender and freshly-polished rosewood. Those same notes follow through on the palate, leading to a relaxed full-body feeling of soft surrender to west coast warmth.

The breakdown:  Humboldt Black Gold, Indica-dominant Hybrid ($20/two grams), Sweet Jesus, Sativa-dominant Hybrid ($25/two grams), Jager OG, Indica ($20/two grams). Available online at topleaf.ca.

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