The Unsung Heroes of Recycling

The Binners' Project's first fundraising event supports those who keep most of the aluminum, plastic, glass and polycoat containers out of our landfills.

Last year, over 1.3 billion beverage containers were sold in B.C.—that’s about 280 beverage containers per B.C. resident in just one year. With a significant recovery rate of 75.8%, Encorp Pacific (the organization that manages the beverage containers recycling program in B.C.) estimates that 103.8 thousand tonnes of CO2 were prevented from being released into the atmosphere.But reaching those numbers wouldn’t have been possible without the people who are collecting containers out there day after day: the binners, who, according to Encorp, play a large part in increasing the return rate in large urban centers.On Thursday, November 22, Vancouverites have the opportunity to give back and support these unsung heroes at the first fundraising event of the Binners’ Project—a non-profit organization that recognizes the valuable role of binners in our community and dedicates its efforts to engage and support them while also trying to reduce the stigma they face as informal urban recyclers.For the past two years, Binners’ Project has been piloting actions in Vancouver to promote these workers’ social and economic inclusion. Right now, they are piloting a binning cart sharing program for which they’ve built a custom-designed cart. The bespoke design will help informal recyclers do their work in a more efficient way, improving their earning potential and environmental impact, and lending more dignity to their daily routines.Listen to binner Michael Leland story and learn how Binners’ Project is having a positive impact in his life.

Event DetailsJoin the Binners’ Project at their fundraising event to enjoy complementary foods and drinks while learning how the organization empowers binners and works towards positive solutions, and get involved in the 20-min open discussion with the organization’s team and some of the binner members.When: November 22, 6:00pm – 7:30pmWhere: #400 – 675 W Hastings St. | HCMA Architecture + Design office, you can’t attend the event but you still want to support the cause, you can donate here.