Damn, the Vancouver Canucks Goalies Look Good in Those Retro Uniforms

When Kirk McLean skated out onto the ice as part of the Vancouver Canucks’ home opener (which paid homage to the team’s 50th anniversary), fans were reminded of one of the team’s best looks.

Everyone and their dog has an opinion on the Canucks jerseys of the past, so we have to say that the Skate Jersey is arguably the best in team history.

Similar to how Chandler is arguably the best Friends character or how Heath Ledger’s Joker is arguably the best iteration—obvious truths that we need to cushion so as not to offend.

Sure, the logo kinda looks like a big plate of pasta, but how can you not love those colours? 

McLean’s appearance was a reminder how great that jersey looks on the ice, especially on a goaltender. The logo, the colours, that iconic mask. Our jaw is still on the floor, frankly. 

And as the Canucks get set to bring back the jerseys in a series of games this season (starting with November 16 against the Colorado Avalanche), fans got their first peek at what the ‘tenders will look like in the threads.

It did not disappoint.

Obviously, these seemed to be practice jerseys rather than the actual sweaters they’ll be wearing on game night. Same probably goes for the pads. But man, Jacob Markstrom and Thatcher Demko still looked fresh as all hell.

And those masks! They’re almost definitely the cages the pair will go with, and why not?

Both bring back swells of nostalgia (screw you, Messier)—plus Demko’s homage to legends of Canucks past like McLean, Roberto Luongo, Trevor Linden and the Sedins? So awesome.