The BC Lions Are Literally Begging For a Graphic Designer

The above image says it all, really.

The pandemic certainly hasn’t been easy on artists, but we’ve got a lead on a job opportunity: graphic designer for the BC Lions. The team put out the below call on Facebook last night, asking (on their hands and knees, tears in their eyes, I imagine) for a graphic designer.

Yes, it’s true. We’re looking for an experienced graphic designer, passionate about cool content and with a keen interest of #BCLions football

The (much more serious) job posting is here, and notes that applicants must have 3+ years of work experience, knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud and a host of other qualifications—also “a true passion for sports, the CFL and the BC Lions.” If that sounds like you or someone you know, this seems like an opportunity worth tackling.

And big kudos to the poor sucker in charge of this deplorable (read: genius) call for applicants. It certainly caught my eye. In fact, BC Lions marketing manager, if you’re reading this, I say give this individual another chance. They certainly tried their best, and isn’t that what professional sports are all about?