How to drink (beer) in public

It's never been easier

It’s never been easier

Let’s make one thing abundantly clear: at Vancouver Magazine, we don’t condone the consumption of beer (or other alcoholic beverages) in public. That’s not because we’re a bunch of prudes who are ardently opposed to fun of any kind—no, it’s because drinking in public remains illegal in this city.But if you like to live dangerously, then you need to know about the Lolo Lid. It’s an invention by a pair of local entrepreneurs (and beer lovers) that looks exactly like a conventional coffee lid and allows you to put your favourite can of beer inside most medium or large to-go coffee cups without anyone (except you) being the wiser. It also sports design features that improve flow and keep your beverage of choice colder than a traditional beer cozy. Sure, they’re $12.50 a pop when you buy four of them (or $10 when you buy 10), but given that the cost of a ticket for drinking in public can be north of $200 it seems like a pretty wise investment—you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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