Today is National Tequila Day. Monday is National Scotch Day. This Bottle Covers Both.

You're very welcome.

Don Julio Double Cask Lagavulin Edition $120

The BC Liquor Store’s recent summer spirits release was a big hit, judging by me getting jacked out of all my selections in the ballot process. But, there’s a silver lining—what may be the coolest bottle of spirits I’ve heard of in a while quietly hit the shelves a few weeks before the spirit release and is hiding in plain sight for anyone with a taste for adventure. And smoke. And friendship.

But first, let me get my prejudices out of the way. #1, Scotch is the greatest drink in the world. #2, Scotch from Islay is the greatest expression of Scotch. #3, Lagavulin is arguably the greatest Islay Scotch.

But here’s #4. Notwithstanding all of the above…I love good tequila. I love it’s freshness. I love how it works when it’s blazing hot outside or freezing cold. I love that, pyscho-somatic or not, I get less of a hangover when I drink tequila. All of which are a problem when you’ve spent 20 years as the Scotch guy. Until now.

Everyone wants to wax on about craft distillers, but you know what’s also awesome? Conglomerates. Conglomerates can say: Hey, don’t we have an elite Scotch distillery and an elite tequila distillery? Let’s have them do something awesome together. In this case the conglomerate is Diageo and the distilleries are the aforementioned Lagavulin and Mexico’s Don Julio (their 1942 is probably the most lauded tequila in history). The result is a Don Julio Reposado that’s been finished in the casks that held the smoke bomb that is Lagavulin.  

Let’s be clear—notwithstanding the partnership, this is all tequila. It’s just a tequila that channels some of Lagavulin’s traits like cold smoke and baking spice instead of the greener, crunchier notes in a “normal” reposado. I love it. And the good news? It’s $10 cheaper than Lagavulin 16. And it’s easily $50 less expensive than Don Julio 1942. 

So let’s recap.

I’ve saved you over $60 and allowed you to celebrate two made-up days with one bottle. And maybe saved you from a hangover. Wow.