Athletes’ Village



Home to 3,000 athletes during the Games, the hyper-green Village reinvents an industrial no-man’s-land. (After, more than 1,000 units await buyers like you.) Ogle the sculpted beauty of buildings and jocks, then take the Olympic Line streetcar to Granville Island. A onetime wasteland, this manmade island (cost: $50 million) arose in the 1970s as a temple to walkable shopping and local arts.

Edible British Columbia
is the place to source local artisan foodstuffs like Vista d’Oro’s seasonal preserves and Chilliwack River’s pure liquid honeys. 1689 Johnston St., 604-662-3606.

Artisan SakeMaker sakes pair beautifully with local fare. We love the sparkling version— carbonated Junmai Red Label sugared, then stoppered in a Grolsch bottle. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. 1339 Railspur Alley, 604-685-7253.

The Wood Co-op Gallery opened in 2000, representing 34 artisans; today, two locations house work by 150 B.C. carvers, designers, and more, emphasizing beauty built on sustainability. Net Loft, Granville Island, and 1554 W. Sixth Ave., 604-408-2522.

Little Dream is a fragment of Dream, the Gastown boutique that’s championed local designers for 16 years. Dresses from Allison Wonderland, pleated blouses from KBO, and striking organic jewellery by Justine Brooks. Net Loft, Granville Island., 604-683-6930.

Maiwa Handprints / Maiwa Supply Unleash your inner hippie at this direct-from-Indian-co-ops purveyor of mirrored bags, diaphanous shawls, and handwoven dresses and separates. At the next-door supply store, buy books, dyes, and screens for DIY design. Net Loft, Granville Island, 604-669-3939.

The Kids Market houses sprout-sized shops, services, and adventure zones. The island broadly appeals to kids, with a clamberable tugboat, community centre, and children’s theatre all nearby. 1495 Cartwright St., 604-689-8447.



The Candahar Artists and writers contribute to Theo Sims’s reconstruction of an Irish pub. The Candahar is a working bar, open to the public and staffed by two Belfast bartenders (unscripted performers). Nightly music, theatre, and dialogue; visitors must be over 19. Emily Carr University Sculpture Courtyard, Granville Island



Westbound and eastbound buses along 2nd Avenue service the area, while the Olympic line streetcar (free from January 21 to March 21) shuttles between Granville Island and Olympic Village SkyTrain station. A short walk east leads to the Main Street SkyTrain station.


Get a sneak peek behind the scenes with our Athletes’ Village video.