Anh and Chi Teams Up With Fresh Prep, Making Our Foodie Dreams Come True

The Vancouver-based meal prep service is featuring a limited edition dish from the Michelin Bib Gourmand-winning restaurant.

If I were the kind of person to set goals for the new year, mine would probably be “eat Anh and Chi for dinner every night.” Like many resolutions, this is a fantasy… but with Anh and Chi’s new collaboration with Vancouver-based meal-prep service Fresh Prep, it’s perhaps not as ludicrous an idea as it may seem.

Now through April 1, Fresh Prep customers will spot Anh and Chi’s lemongrass chicken or tofu vermicelli bowls on the weekly menu. Kits with everything you need to whip up the recipe are delivered right to your door—you’ll even find a bottle of Anh and Chi’s award-winning Me’s Chilli Fish Sauce or Me’s Sweet Soy sauce in the bag, hand-bottled by A&C.

fresh prep and anh and chi
Fresh Prep co-CEO Becky Brauer, right, with Anh and Chi co-owner and creative director Amelie Nguyen.

This first two weeks of the lemongrass kits (which take about 30 minutes to make at home) sold out immediately, but it’s no surprise the public is clamouring for this particular recipe. Maybe it’s because we included it on our Lunar New Year dinner round-up, bur it’s probably because this chef collab is a real Made in Vancouver dream come true: a supergroup of two local culinary heroes. (Anh and Chi just snagged one of Michelin’s rare Bib Gourmand designations, and is a frequent Restaurant Awards finalist; Fresh Prep won an inaugural Made in Vancouver award.)

tofu bowl
The Lemongrass Tofu Vermicelli bowl.

“When Amelie reached out, I was jumping in the air, it’s my favourite restaurant in the city,” admits Fresh Prep co-CEO Becky Brauer. Nguyen was similarly swooning that Fresh Prep agreed to the rare co-production. “I’ve been a user of Fresh Prep for a long time, it really felt like a perfect match.”

It’s a delicious love story, one that’s created a hyper-flavourful, fresh-ingredient packed dish that will provide just the fuel I need to come up with a better 2023 goal.

Fresh Prep x Anh and Chi Lemongrass Chicken or Tofu Vermicelli Bowls available for Fresh Prep customers now through April 1

plates of food
The meal kits come with Anh and Chi’s award-winning sauce.