6 Cool and Casual Main Street Restaurants to Try Right Now

It's hard to go hungry when you're on Main Street.

It’s hard to go hungry when you’re on Main Street.

1. The Arbor

On a nice Vancouver day, all anyone wants is to soak up as much natural beauty as they can, but sometimes there’s only an hour or two to spare. Spend them at the Arbor (there’s a a lush garden-oasis patio hidden out back), sipping a mint-raspberry cocktail and nibbling on satisfying vegetarian bites—think deep-fried oyster mushrooms and artichoke nuggets. 3941 Main Street

2. Federal Store

The vintage sign outside makes it look like a plain corner grocery, but inside you’ll find high-quality provisions and a retro-chic cafe. Pop by for a Bows and Arrows americano and a flaky cardamom pastry, or fill the picnic basket with cheeky local foods like Spread ‘Em turmeric-pepper dip and Brine Adams pickles. 2601 Quebec Street

3. East is East

If you’re craving fusion flavours, this Main Street room’s Chai Feast tasting menu will deliver. Your choice of soup, salad and main entrées (think tabouli, vegetable kofta and lamb curry) will be served with boulani (Afghan flatbread), chutney and basmati rice. Live music throughout the week further creates an immersive experience. 4433 Main Street

4. Burgoo

Take a bite out of the cold winter blues with comfort foods like jambalya, ratatouille provençale, mac ’n’ cheese or Gooey Cheese Grillers (taste tested by yours truly). This cozy, intimate room is the perfect spot for dinner with friends (we suggest you share the brie fondue to start). 3096 Main Street

5. The Wallflower

Need a restaurant that’ll please all your friends (and their dietary restrictions)? Look no further! The Wallflower menu is loaded with dishes for carnivores, omnivores, vegans, vegetarians and celiacs alike! Try the gluten-free waffles with whipped cream, the veggie hash or the salmon benny during brunch service. You won’t regret it. 2420 Main Street

6. Sawasdee Thai

Don’t let Sawasdee’s lime green exterior scare you—this Thai restaurant is serving some of the city’s most authentic Thai cuisine. We’ll take an order of pad Thai with tamarind sauce and spicy green curry, thanks. 4250 Main Street

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