New cocktails pay tribute to a time when air travel didn’t suck

Air travel was once a dignified, luxurious affair: men wore a suit, women their best frock, legroom was ample, and service polite. (And checked luggage was free!) Such an experience may be history for all but those who can afford a premium seat, but Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar and its award-winning bartender, Lauren Mote, are pouring one out in its memory every Thursday as part of their new Executive Class drinks program, beginning May 4. Inspired by “world travel and jet-setting culture,” Mote creations including the Final Boarding Call (Belvedere vodka, green chartreuse, kaffir lime leaf, eucalyptus, and lime), and the Frontier (Buffalo Trace bourbon, Fireball whisky, tannic apple, lemon, Kensington aromatic bitters, and whole egg) aim to make you feel like a Mad Man onboard a Pan Am flight to somewhere exotic, presumably while a young Sinatra croons “Come Fly With Me” in the aisle and a stewardess asks if you might like an extra pillow. Each cocktail is $12—not much more than what most coach passengers now pay for a plastic-wrapped turkey sandwich and a Tetra Pak of apple juice.