Let This Vancouverite School You in RESP Basics (And, Naturally, The Jolly Green Giant is Involved)

You may recall a few months back, we called on our Max Mitchell to help us understand the maddeningly confusing word of TFSAs and he did so by talking about wrestling. And it worked. We were able to get our gerund-obsessed editors’ minds around a concept that is of key importance to our—and your—financial futures.

So, we figured we’d go back to the financial well of the Vancouver-based financial counsellor (who, full disclosure, is married to one of our other editors) to get some guidance on another daunting acronym: the RESP, a.k.a, a Registered Education Savings Plan.

With a little help from a burgundy dress shirt with ducks on it, and a little help from the Little Green Sprout, he guides us on a pretty important area for prospective parents—letting the government help you pay for you kid’s education.