5 Things to Do in Vancouver This Week (March 15-21)

1. VAG’s Spring Into Art

March 15-19

The Vancouver Art Gallery is hosting free Spring Break art events for all ages this week. Participants can craft postcards, get free studio tours, watch film screenings and—our favourite—make comic zines set in space with Tahltan artist Cole Pauls (pictured above). 

When: Monday March 15 to Thursday March 19
More Info: vanartgallery.bc.ca

Credit: Mikael Bruyere. Photo by Sébastien Lozé

2. Out of Order

March 18-21

Montreal theatre company The 7 Fingers created Out of Order in response to COVID-19—and what a response it is. Gloved and masked characters play “forgotten acrobats” in a world where touch is prohibited (sound familiar?) in this death-defying virtual circus show.

When: Thursday March 18 to Sunday March 21
Where: Online
More Info: thecultch.com

3. Tractor’s New Beverage Program

On Now

Tractor just added a beverage program to their delivery service (and cheers to that). Curated by sommelier Maude Renaud-Brisson of Chambar and Nightingale, the new program offers B.C. wines, craft beer, ciders, spirits, and other weekly beverage features. And don’t cry, suburbs—they just added delivery to Richmond and Burnaby.

When: On Now
Where: Online
More Info: tractorathome.com

4. Imagine Van Gogh

March 19 to June 11

You’ve probably been hearing about Imagine Van Gogh for months now (unless you live under a rock or somehow don’t get targeted ads on Facebook)—but the day has finally come. This immersive art exhibition is made of huge projections of the iconic artist’s paintings. It’s also one of the only non-online events on right now: a great opportunity to Gogh outside.

When: Friday March 19 to Friday June 11
Where: Vancouver Convention Centre
More Info: vancouver.imagine-vangogh.com

Credit: joe © Robert Etcheverry

5. La Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault’s "Joe"

March 17 to 23

Speaking of iconic, here’s a performance that’s stood the test of time: Jean-Pierre Perreault’s Joe. The show was first put on in 1984, and DanceHouse’s stream this week is a 1995 filmed version. It’s a striking spectacle of “the human condition”—think 32 pairs of work boots pounding the stage. 

When: Wednesday March 17 to Tuesday March 23
Where: Online
More Info: dancehouse.ca