Reason to Love Vancouver #28: West Coast Coasters Do It Best

We’re forever finding thrills on the coaster.

It’s hard to believe anyone would dare call Vancouver “No Fun City” when one of its biggest claims to fame is a roller coaster. Built in 1958, a time terrifyingly devoid of basic safety and technological standards, the plainly named Wooden Roller Coaster featured 2,840 feet of track made from Douglas fir boards—and it still stands on the Playland fairgrounds to this day, secure in its status as Canada’s oldest roller coaster, and as vertigo-inducing now as it was in its early years. (The association of American Coaster Enthusiasts had even specially designated it a landmark.) It may only go 72 kilometres an hour and top out at heights of 75 feet, but its rickety drops and hairpin turns are enough to attract half a million guests annually: proof that the thrills here in YVR are ageless. Playland opens May 5;

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