Commercial Drive Pub Crawl

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( 1 ) Me & Julio  Kick things off with a Cowboy Limonada (bourbon and lemonade, served in a boot-shaped glass) at the bamboo-adorned bar. Then sneak a shot of tequila from the impressive list—we won’t tell. 2095 Commercial Dr., 604-696-9997.

( 2 ) Falconetti’s  Two words: killer sausages. The kind that are housemade, nestled into pillowy buns, and buttressed with  sautéed peppers and sauce. The narrow room bursts at the seams; a soon-to-open upstairs patio will help. 1812 Commercial Dr., 604-251-7287.

( 3 ) Charlatan  Stomach full, whistle whet, time to go deep into the list of domestic and import beers on tap. A black and tan gets things going, or perhaps a King Kong Bomb (Crown Royal and banana liqueur dropped in 7-Up and Red Bull)? No judgements here. 1447 Commercial Dr., 604-253-2777.

( 4 ) Portuguese Social Club  You might get a couple of sideways stares from the old-timers occupying wrought iron chairs in the corner, but hey, you’re feelin’ good and the beer’s cheap. And if it’s game night ? You got yourself a party. 1144 Commercial Dr., 604-251-2042

( 5 ) Fet’s  Whether or not it’s a good idea to drink Scotch at the end of a crawl is beside the point. You’re a big kid—man up. Fet’s has got the second-biggest selection of whiskey in town, priced at a few dollars less than their competitors. 1230 Commercial Dr., 604-255-7771.