New Irish Pub Opens in Vancouver Today

And it's everything you'd expect: Guinness and stereotypes for everyone!

And it’s everything you’d expect: Guinness and stereotypes for everyone!

No one seems to have decisively laid claim to the intersection that is Main and Terminal. It’s not really Main Street proper—there’s nowhere near enough plaid for that—and it’s not openly considered Olympic Village. There’s really just a McDonald’s and the SkyTrain station. But now, there’s a brand-spanking-new ye olde Irish pub, too.Virtually anyone who’s been to Whistler will have been inside the Dubh Linn Gate; dark wood furnishings and Irish knick-knacks provide many a ski bunny with notions of home. Today marks the grand opening of the Dubh’s second location, in the no-man’s-land at the bottom of Main Street, where many locals are welcoming the new room to the area.Expect a thorough cultural blend of Ireland and Canada—from the half-Irish, half-Canadian beers on tap to the red-brick fireplace (made from bricks found in North Van) and the bar mantel shipped over from the old country.Dubh Linn Gate 1601 Main St. 604-449-1464

Did you know, when properly poured a pint of Guinness should have the trail of a four-leaf clover in the foam?

The musician on-hand was playing all the traditional Irish ceilidh music…and U2.

The designer’s wife actually flew to Dublin to ship over nick-nacks to line the room’s shelves.

Continuing the theme of authenticity, the wooden bar mantel was shipped in from a traditional Irish pub and holds centre-place in the new room.

The setup is located on the main floor of The Blackbird Public House & Oyster Bar, owned by the Donnelly Group which will act as a silent investor in the new venture.