24 Days of B.C. Beer: All Season Nitro Dry Stout by Container Brewing (No.3)

Somehow, it works.

Welcome to 24 Days of Beer, in which we guide you through what might be a very dark month. Aren’t you glad we’re here to tell you what to drain your sorrows with?

I first wrote about this beer at the very beginning of the year, which was also coincidentally 13 decades ago. Weird how that works.

Back then, Vanmag featured it in its March/April issue, because somehow the folks at East Van’s Container Brewing were right when they proposed the idea of stouts for “every day, rain or shine.”

Well, maybe not all stouts. But definitely this one. And though we like to shine the spotlight on as many different fine producers of beer as possible, I thought it would be disingenuous to leave this one off the 24 Days of Beer.

Container, which just celebrated its first birthday, has a litany of awesome options. I’ve tried most of them, and enjoyed everything I’ve had. But the All Season still hits me as the most surprising beer I’ve had this year. As someone who insufferably suggests my favourite kind of beer is “whatever’s in season”, I actually enjoyed sipping on this thing during the summer.

And if you haven’t really gotten into the whole “nitro” thing yet, I promise you; this is as easy an entry point as it gets. Somehow, someway, apt descriptors for this beer include both “light” and “dark.” Just make sure to follow Container’s very important PSA

Not sure how you did it, Container, but happy birthday. Here’s to many more.

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