The Beer Festival All the Cool Kids Are Going To

Okay, the term “cool” might be a tad relative.

Vancouver still has a ways to go when it comes to competing with the better brewery scenes in the world (or even North America). But events like Weathered Beer Celebration are certainly helping us get there.

While it may not have the longevity or the profile or the budget of the main beer festival in the city, Vancouver Craft Beer Week, Weathered prides itself on showcasing beers you won’t see anywhere else.

Now in its third year, the festival has placed a premium on cool beers, with rare stouts, lambics, barley wines, strong ales, sours and wild ales from over 50 highly regarded breweries.

Run by Jonathan Evans, the co-founder/director of Farmhouse Fest, which goes every summer at UBC Farm, Weathered has three sessions with 150 tickets each, running next Saturday and Sunday. 

And despite the somewhat hefty price tag (a clean $100 will get you a ticket and unlimited tasters), the first Saturday session has already sold out.

The beer list is here, and it’s beautiful. You’ll recognize local names like House of Funk and Brassneck, but there’s also a whole ton of stuff we’ve never heard of from breweries we don’t know but can’t wait to try. For instance, the first beer on the list is “Cuvée Armand & Gaston (season 17l18) Blend No. 66 with honey.” Not sure what half these words are, but we are so in!

Oh, and there’s also a DL Chicken Wing Bar, because of course there is.

And before you think we’re just promoting this so we can validate our free plus-ones, there are no media tickets. We’re doing this purely out of service, folks. You’re welcome.

The Deets
Weathered Beer Celebration
January 25-26, 2020
Heritage Hall, 3102 Main St.
Tickets at