The Ticket: Discover good tequila at Tacofino

The drink doesn't have the best reputation among some—but it deserves a better one

The drink doesn’t have the best reputation among some—but it deserves a better one

Tuesdays after a four-day long weekend can be, for some, days of regret—whether that’s regret that you partied too hard, didn’t sleep enough, or didn’t get out of your PJs. But on Tuesday, March 29, you can forget those regrets with tequila. Tacofino Commissary has decided to host Tequila Sunset: A Tequila Tasting Dinner showcasing a delicious selection of the spirit’s añejo, blanco, and reposado varieties. The dinner is meant to pay homage to the delectable spirit that many Vancouverites seem to recoil from due to memories of nights gone wrong.“I was one of the people that would get squeamish from tequila, but when you learn to taste the different characteristics of good tequila, it’s a fantastic drink,” says Anthony Stern, manager at Tacofino. “The dishes, created by Chef Christine Deyoung, were made to pair with the tequila in order to bring out the drink’s diverse flavour profiles. The whole night is meant to bring out the best qualities of the tequila.”The four course-meal is set to have your mouth watering with dishes like Pork Cheek and Belly Barbacoa, Wild Argentinian Prawn Ceviche, Smoked Tuna Tostadas, and other similarly delightful Mexican plates. And remember: don’t plug your nose while you sip—not shoot—the tequila.When: Tuesday, March 29 | Time: 7 pm | Where: Tacofino Commissary | Price: $49