The Old-Fashioned


The Old-Fashioned is that rare example of truth in mixology (something that can’t be said about the Screaming Orgasm): it is, indeed, old-fashioned. A generation older than the martini and its spiritual brother the Manhattan, the Old-Fashioned harks back to a time when a spoonful of sugar helped the medicine go down. Part of the drink’s appeal is its simplicity, which makes it a drinker’s drink-one belt and you know you’re engaged in a thoroughly grown-up activity. Maybe that’s why Mad Men’s Don Draper favours the concoction. Revisionist history buffs to the south claim the Old-Fashioned is a bourbon-based drink, but don’t believe it. Go with the more patriotic, better-balanced version that uses our own whiskey (Alberta Premium is surprisingly good)-less sweet and with more body than that Kentucky stuff.

1 sugar cube
2 dashes Fee Brothers Bitters
2 oz. rye whiskey
(or small batch bourbon, if you must)
Splash of water

Put a sugar cube in the centre of an Old-Fashioned glass and hit with several well-aimed dashes of bitters. Once it’s more brown than white, crush cube with the back of a spoon. Dilute mixture with water and swirl around the glass. Add ice and rye. Bingo!