The Tax On This Bottle Of Whisky is $8,880

It's The Macallan 72-year old and there's a lottery to see who gets to buy it from the BCLDB this Thursday.

It’s The Macallan 72-year old and there’s a lottery to see who gets to buy it from the BCLDB this Thursday.

Do I have a deal for you. I just need you to come up with $74,000 (plus that above-mentioned pesky tax) and in return you’ll get a single bottle of whisky. Who’s in?It sounds like a swampland in Florida scam, but I have very little doubt that whoever wins the BCLDB’s lottery for the right to purchase this bottle will no doubt be able to flip it for a tidy profit. How tidy? Well, consider that a bottle of merely 60-year old Macallan sold last year for almost $2,000,000 and I bet you’re starting to think about cashing in those RESPs. Keep in mind that bottle was quite a bit more rare, but still, it was 12 years younger…but it sold for 20 times the price.What’s it taste like? Beats me and, sorry, when a whisky is this rare it’s sort of beside the point. Broadly, any whisky over 30 years of age starts to take on a lot of the wood characteristics of the barrels it’s being aged in. 50 years and over—very, very woody. 72? Thanks to evaporation it’s actually a minor miracle that it’s still strong enough (minimum 40% alcohol) to still qualify as Scottish Whisky.If you’re not in the $74,000 bracket, there are a few other, ultra rare in their own right, bottle of The Macallan being offered as well:Macallan Fine and Rare 1988 $14,000 (Limit of one bottle per person)Macallan M Black 2017 release $7,800 (Limit of one bottle per person)Macallan Sherry Oak 30 Years Old $3,650 (Limit of one bottle per personMacallan Year of the Pig 12 Year Double Cask $169.99 Limit of one gift set per person(two bottles per gift set)Customers interested in purchasing these Macallan products are asked to arrive at the 39th and Cambie after 6:00 pm on January 31st, when staff will begin handing out tickets for the lottery—1 ticket per customer. Your winning ticket gives you first dibs to pay up.And if you’re truly an insane Macallan fan, VanMag is a sponsor of Whisky and Words, the major fundraiser for the Vancouver Writer’s Fest that takes place on March 8 on Granville Island. The Macallan will be pouring highlights from their line and for the more modest investor, a private donor has offered up a complete set of The Macallan Editions 1, 2, 3 & 4 will be up for auction. Tickets available here.