Best Formal French 2010

Gold: Le Crocodile

Silver: Lumière
Bronze: Market
Honourable Mention: La Belle Auberge
Honourable Mention: Five Sails Restaurant

Much praise for the revitalized Lumière (Silver): “We’ve been thoroughly seduced by the elegant constructions and flavours plated by the impressive partnership of Daniel Boulud and Dale MacKay.” But Le Crocodile won Gold for its “unstinting respect for French techniques and dining.” “Trends come and go,” said one judge, “but Michel Jacob’s cooking provides Vancouver with substance, sustenance, and exacting consistency.” Another: “It’s always a delight to dine here, a sense that things taste exactly as they should. Many restaurants succeed by evolving constantly. Le Crocodile takes the opposite approach, remaining true to its traditional soul.” Market at the Shangri-La won Bronze for fulfilling its promise “to deliver a polished but understated room with boundless taste and a mature elegance.